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Reasons for choosing carpet for your next floor covering

It takes a lot of time and effort to research floor covering options for your home, but with carpet flooring, you might find yourself making a quick decision. There are so many great benefits that come with this material; it’s hard to pass it by, especially if you’re looking for something with multiple points of interest. This material is durable, incredibly eye-appealing, and makes itself at home in a wide variety of settings and decor. At the same time, it’s certainly better for toddlers who are just learning to walk or elderly persons who might have mobility issues.

At Dimensions In Tile & Stone, is the largest locally owned tile and stone distributor in the areas of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina, Mandarin, and Ponte Vedra. When you visit our Jacksonville, FL showroom, you’ll find an excellent selection of truly elegant materials at some of the best prices possible. Our associates are friendly, professional, and always ready to serve your flooring needs. Make sure you ask about our design consultation so we can help you make the most of whatever flooring you choose.

Carpet could be the missing element in your design

Carpet provides one of the most aesthetically pleasing environments you’ll ever see. With an array of various fibers, solid colors, and patterns to choose from, you can truly create a space that feels more like an oasis right in your own home. This makes it easy to match decor while providing a soft, comfortable underfoot feel as well. Both family and guests will appreciate the experience for years to come.
Luxury carpet in Jacksonville, FL from Dimensions In Tile & Stone
In addition to looking amazing, the softness of carpet can also make your home a more peaceful place. Absorbing many of the sounds you have probably grown accustomed to, it worse to reduce noise levels, especially between floors. Footfalls are much quieter, as are voices and ambient noises like radio, television, or video games.

If you’ve rejected the idea of carpet in the past because of stains and allergens, we have good news. Manufacturers have now created a carpet that resists both. Built-in stain resistance means messes and spills no longer have an opportunity to become set in, and hypoallergenic fibers trap and hold dander, dust, and other allergens. You’ll breathe easier, both literally and figuratively, as you enjoy these many benefits.

To get your own process started, and to find the perfect flooring for your home, come see us today.

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